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Jeff Wilson (SSN8R) - Aspiring Information Technology Expert currently assigned to a government accounting team.  Owns and 'daily drives' a 2002 Camaro SS loaded with all GM options and all SLP options !ASR.  Additional modifications to the car have all been done by Jeff.  Jeff has been a backyard mechanic for over 20 years.  He has done restorations, modifications, general maintenance, and just all around 'general work'. 

(Demolition) Dave - Backyard Swimming Pool Salesman.  Dave owns and drives a 2001 Acura CL type S with Acura navigation and minor modifications. He also owns a '95 Honda Civic with basic bolt-ons.  Dave has done all his modifications as well.  He also enjoys tinkering with engineering projects.  Creator of the RealGarage smoke ring blower, and the moving camera boom.  Dave was last seen stripping a used blow-dryer for it's electric motor, heating coil, and switches....

(Alzheimer's) Pete - Mechanic at a military boat yard.  Pete drives a '94 Cavalier, four popper.  Some of you 'RealGarage veterans' might remember last year's head gasket replacement.  Pete spends countless hours making sure our military ships are up and running correctly.  This includes fabricating pieces on a regular basis.  Pete was responsible for fabricating a new drive rod (perfectly, I might add) for the wife's new (display model) lit doe.  It showed up at the house with a broken part and is now working perfectly thanks to Pete's skillful creations.

(BFH) Bob - IT Programmer.  Bob drives a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer.  ...The one with the pimpin' rims.  Bob gained his moniker from his rather delicate use of the RealGarage tools - we especially remember Bob's use of a trailer hitch receiver as a sledge hammer.   Bob has contributed in countless ways to the RealGarage including, but not limited to, his uncanny abilities to repair the required hardware for this awesome site.  Thanx Bob

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