So you are having problems connecting to the camera…


First, you MUST be running Windows Media Player.  If you do not have Windows Media Player loaded on your system you can download it HERE.  Once you have installed it you can come back and try our camera links again. 


Broadband is a good thing, but not necessary.  However, if you attempt to connect through a dial-up connection, you will be subject to poor audio and ‘slide show’ type video depending on your connection speed.  The only way to get a good stream is through broadband. 


IMPORTANT NOTE:  We often change the links associated with the cameras during live broadcasts.  If you are a regular and you are working from a saved link IT MAY NOT WORK.  We do however, change all of the website links to the new camera addresses.  Please use one of the links below or the links from the RealGarage Homepage to find your way to the cameras.  We are running multiple cameras during broadcasts and we may switch the active camera link as we go. 


Intermittent connections:  Due to the variables associated with live streaming over the web, you may loose a connection to our server even though we are still up and running.  Occasionally, we may experience technical difficulties in the studio as well.  Please, simply reconnect to the stream and you will be fine.  If you are connecting to one of our live broadcasts through a broadband connection and experiencing ‘frequent’ dropping of the stream, please let us know and we will check our end to determine if there is a problem.   


Outage during live broadcasts:  If you are watching one of our broadcasts and experience problems, you can keep track of what is going on through the chat room.  If there are problems, everybody will be experiencing them.  If we intentionally take down a camera we will notify users through the audio feed accompanying the video and we will type a message into the chat room.  We were knocked out by a power outage one time.  You will know if that is what happened because the RealGarage Homepage will not be available.  In the event of a short power outage we will return as soon as all hardware/software is back up and running.  Otherwise, please accept our apologies for the disruption and we’ll catch you at the next show. 


Unscheduled broadcast troubles:  The camera is up and running ‘most (nearly all) of the time’.  You will normally see some of the RealGarage Crew in the garage after 8:30 EST pretty much any night of the week.  We continue our bantering antics even during unscheduled broadcasts.  You are welcome to view anytime the cam is up and running.  However, we are not usually involved in interactive chat etc. during these broadcasts.  We often ‘cycle’ the cameras and camera software as well as the server connections to those camera feeds during these times.  If you are experiencing troubles during unscheduled broadcasts, we apologize, but we will probably not be available for support during these times.  Simply try to reconnect in a few minutes and chances are the system will be back up and running. 


Ways to connect:  There are two destinations available from the RealGarage Homepage and a third available for users stuck behind an administrated firewall.


1.      There are two links to the embedded (Browser page with camera output in the middle) version of Windows Media Player.  The links are the one in the top center under the page title, which is a camera icon and in the left column under RealGarage Links there is a RealGarage Cam1 embedded link.  By right clicking on the picture in the page, you are still able to select the full screen option.  However, you may not have access to some of the fine-tuning options available in Windows Media Player.  Also, you will not be able to see the connection status and caching progress.

2.      There is a link in the left column of the RealGarage Homepage under RealGarage links, which is labeled RealGarage Cam1 detached.  This link will launch a detached Windows Media Player allowing you to adjust settings and see the progress of connecting caching etc. 

3.      The third method is available for users who are in a work environment behind a firewall.  Employers often block the ports associated with streaming content.  There is an HTTP link available for you, which should work from behind the firewall.  Please, only click HERE if you are unable to connect through the other two options.